Founded by Sarah Bollinger and Tara Kurtzhals in June 2017, Open Field Studio, LLC is a small comic book studio located in Michigan. Sarah and Tara met at the College for Creative Studies and pretty much instantly began working together on their creative endeavors. Described as a real life buddy comedy, Sarah and Tara use their life experiences and longtime friendship to influence the comics and stories they tell.


Sarah Bollinger

Sarah Bollinger is a Filipino-American raised in Yokosuka, Japan.

In 2012, Sarah was granted the Walter B. Ford Award of Excellence Scholarship to attend the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan with a major in Entertainment Arts - Animation.

Inspired by her personal experience as a Navy brat living overseas, Sarah dreams of connecting people through telling stories that encourage open-mindedness and empathy.



Tara Kurtzhals

Tara Kurtzhals is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Entertainment Arts: Animation. She graduated with high honors and was selected as the Student Speaker for the Graduation Ceremony.

It was at CCS that Tara developed a passion for making comics with diverse and complex female characters.

Tara's ultimate goal is to encourage the next generation to create comics that help them navigate the world in a positive way. She believes writing and drawing are the keys to overcoming difficult challenges in life. She hopes to encourage different kinds of people to write from their personal experiences to fill the world with new perspectives.