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Knight & Beard is a fantasy buddy comedy, staring Knight, an angry young girl who wants to be a hero, and Beard, a gentle giant who hates conflict. The two of them work as lowly guards in the big city of Newport and their miscommunications land them in all sorts of trouble. With a big ensemble cast and a vibrant colorful style, Knight & Beard is an all ages book with themes of empathy, friendship, and more.

Knight & Beard began production in September 2015 and launched as a webcomic in January 2017. It posts weekly on Patreon and finished issues are posted for free to read online every two month on Tapas and Webtoon.

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Girls Have A Blog is an autobiographical comic about our lives as roommates, friends, and comic book artists. It began as a bi-weekly webcomic on Tumblr in 2015 and then was rebooted as a featured comic on Line Webtoon in 2017, running for 84 Episodes before coming to a close on August 31st, 2018.

Girls Have A Blog was our first venture into comics and was conceived by a semester of too many late nights, too much pretzel pizza, and zero aspirations for homework. It was created to help ourselves laugh about a rough school year, and over three years after its debut in February 2015, we're still laughing!


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